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The Mural List

$400 3 hours for 3 people, includes transportation and lunch

What was once an underground artform and statement, murals have emerged above ground on street sides, alley ways and buildings in a vibrant splash of color and expression on the streets of Denver. Recent years have brought forth a loud cry for justice and peace. Explore the edgy side of the streets and the people who pour their souls into their art.

Our tour includes lunch at a "scrap kitchen" casual eatery with a focus on reducing food waste while promoting sustainability in food practices, community partnerships, and employees. The restaurant collaborates with community resources to decrease food waste and increase the communities' access to sustainable and delicious nose-to-tail and root-to-tip cuisine. This location is also the beginning of our mural tour.

Meet the artist! Each piece is a reflection of a story and you can hear it directly from the artist. Artists hold power and ability to make a difference in the community. Join us and hear their voices.

Our local & national artist and guide Tommy Nahulu will host you on your adventure around Denver’s art scene.

P.O. BOX 261127

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