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3-4 hours $300 includes transportation

from Denver metro area for up to 3 people

The best way to explore the Rocky Mountains is to get out of the car and onto a trail! Depending on your interest and skill level, we have many trails to choose from. Every hike offers a jaw dropping view of the Rockies or the Plains. Abundant wildflowers of a rich tapestry of color line the trails in the summer. We walk among the Blue Spruce, Lodgepole and Ponderosa Pines, as well as Aspen as they quiver in the breeze.

Early to mid-summer, glimpse seasonal streams as they trickle through the forest. Later summer has an abundance of moths and other winged pollinators busily collecting. In September, the colors of the sky turn a shade of rich turquois while the Aspens shimmer in gold.

Deer and elk are not uncommon to cross paths with, while the ravens play in the trees overhead.

Weather will have a direct effect on this tour. We provide sunscreen and rain ponchos because we just never know. You bring layers of clothing to prepare for any weather, a hat, strong soled shoes, and a sense of adventure.

**As our guest, you choose what type of hike to experience. We have many options, from easy to difficult, as well as length of time. I also have wheelchair options. Please contact and discuss your interests and skill level.

3-4 hours $300 includes transportation from Denver metro area for up to 3 people

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