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Dreams. This is where it all begins. Have you ever dreamed of standing on a mountaintop? Riding a steam locomotive through pristine wilderness? Climbing the stairs of the Ancients? Rafting through a rocky canyon? Viewing mountainsides of golden aspens? Resting in a mountain meadow surrounded by wildflowers? Soaking in hot mineral springs after a full day of mountain exploration? Fishing in a mountain steam?

Colorado is an adventurer's dream. Let me take you or your small group to see the majesty I call home. I encourage you to "get off the bus, " to touch, to learn and to explore the treasures that Colorado offers.

Taking my passions on the road is why I guide in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Each tour  leaves my guests with at least 1 ah- ha moment at the end of the day. For instance, just the other day while sitting on a bench next to a stream in Rocky Mountain National Park, a guest declared, "I am in heaven right now!" To see the expressions on their faces lets me know that I accomplished my goal to find the joy of travel by reaching beyond boundaries.

Most of all, I enjoy the active hands- on adventures where my guests feel like a local. Often, we discover new things together by getting off the beaten path.

My guests come from around the world and are of all ages and physical abilities. I successfully balance various abilities and interests into fun and memorable days for all. To hear a guest exclaim that none of her friends or family would ever believe she made it to the top of the mountain, makes my job worthwhile!

I personally traveled extensively to many parts of the United States and the world. Most of my travels are active adventures, whether to the jungles of Belize or the Pueblo cliff dwellings in the high deserts of the US. Hiking and exploring are passions of mine and the cultural experience is what drives me.

Leave the mountain driving to me.

Private touring is designed around YOU. No more following the crowd or missing out on the front bus seats. We travel by private vehicle to accommodate your small private group. Relax worry-free as I smoothly navigate over 12,000’ mountain passes and hairpin turns… places where buses are not able or allowed to go. Enjoy the freedom to stop when you want to breathe the mountain air.

Whether you choose a ½ day, full-day or multi-day tour, let me guide you through the mountains I call Home.

With Concierge Tours of Colorado, all the details are taken care of. Hotels and B&Bs are a step above. Transportation is clean, safe and comfortable. Dinner is hosted in unique, locally owned restaurants. Your comfort is my priority.

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